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Polypropylene – or what sportswear and high-tech fittings have in common


Since the development of polypropylene (PP) in 1954 by Giulio Natta, PP has experienced an unparalleled development and found a very wide area of application. Initially no one thought it possible that PP would evolve into the most important synthetic fibre in the sports textile segment:

 Spun polypropylene is processed into a highly functional webbed fabric. This gives rise to an extremely light material with a large volume. PP fibre is extremely durable and tear-resistant and has developed into a miracle fibre for sports clothing in recent years. The threads themselves have tiny hairs and as a result the contact surface to the skin is extremely low – a noticeable advantage for the wearer during sporting activities. PP fibres do not absorb any surface moisture and this means that moisture and air are dispersed.

Thanks to its special surface structure, odour is not produced even during strenuous sport activities. Clothing made of PP is less susceptible to dirt and can even be hygienically cleaned in cold water. But why fittings made of polypropylene?

 The same positive properties contribute to making PP one of the most important plastics for manufacturing fittings. It is the hardest polyolefin polymer and maintains this property even at a temperature of 90°C. It is extremely resistant to abrasion and heat, has excellent dielectric properties and insulates very well. PP is also a water-repellent material. Changes in air humidity therefore have no effect on the material properties.

 Polypropylene is light and also extremely resistant to mechanical stress. However the outstanding advantage is the extensive chemical resistance to alkalis and solvents. As a result, the use of plastic fittings for aggressive media in plant construction has proven its value more and more in recent years and has been successfully used for different applications.

 Different types of polypropylene are used for emtechnik fittings. Please contact us for more information about their properties and application areas.



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