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Versatile tube for many industrial applications


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Versatile tube for many industrial applications.

Fluorinated rubber is an economical solution for oils and fats, in particular for mineral oils and at the same it can be used in numerous industrial applications. FPM tubes are characterized by an excellent resistance to high temperatures, against ozone, oxygen, mineral oils, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics, many organic solvents and chemicals.


Technical Information

Physical Properties Unit Value
Temperature °C -15 to +200
Shore Hardness Shore A 70 +/-5
Density g/cm³ 1,9

Pressure Resistance in Bar

Pressureless Application
1-2 bar

Suitable Connectors of emtechnik:

Article No. Nominal Diameter Packing Unit Material Notepad
SL112S20FP10 DN02/04 10m FKM  add
SL112S33FP10 DN02/05 10m FKM  add
SL112S36FP10 DN03/06 10m FKM  add
SL112S36FP50 DN03/06 50m FKM  add
SL112S40FP10 DN04/06 10m FKM  add
SL112S40FP25 DN04/06 25m FKM  add
SL112S40FP50 DN04/06 50m FKM  add
SL112S41FP10 DN04/07 10m FKM  add
SL112S41FP50 DN04/07 50m FKM  add
SL112S42FP25 DN05/08 25m FKM  add
SL112S42FP10 DN05/08 10m FKM  add
SL112S42FP50 DN05/08 50m FKM  add
SL112S43FP10 DN06/08 10m FKM  add
SL112S43FP25 DN06/08 25m FKM  add
SL112S43FP50 DN06/08 50m FKM  add
SL112S77FP10 DN06/09 10m FKM  add
SL112S44FP25 DN06/10 25m FKM  add
SL112S44FP10 DN06/10 10m FKM  add
SL112S46FP25 DN08/12 25m FKM  add
SL112S46FP10 DN08/12 10m FKM  add
SL112S47FP10 DN09/12 10m FKM  add
SL112S48FP10 DN10/12 10m FKM  add
SL112S49FP10 DN10/14 10m FKM  add
SL112S49FP25 DN10/14 25m FKM  add
SL112S52FP10 DN12/16 10m FKM  add


EM-Technik GmbH
Industriestraße 2
67133 Maxdorf

Managing Director: Michael Meier
Commercial Register Court: Amtsgericht Ludwigshafen
Register Number: HRB 1267
VAT ID number: DE 149 138 348


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