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Universal for weak acids and alkalis


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Universal for weak acids and alkalis.

Polyethylene is a partially crystalline and non-polar thermoplastic. Our PE tubes have a good resistance to weak acids and alkalis, as well as a good electrical insulating ability. Further advantages are their high stability, low weight and good elasticity.


Technical Information

Physical Properties Unit Value
Temperature °C -10 to +70
Shore Hardness Shore D 45
Density g/cm³ 0,92

Pressure Resistance in Bar

ID/OD 20°C
DN 02/04 13
DN 03/05 15
DN 04/06 13
DN 05/08 13
DN 06/08 8
DN 06/10 15
DN 08/10 6
DN 08/12 12
DN 09/12 9
DN 10/12 5
DN 12/16 9
DN 16/20 7

Suitable Connectors of emtechnik:

Article No. Nominal Diameter Packing Unit Material Notepad
SL112S20PE100 DN02/04 100m PE-BLACK  add
SL100S20PE100 DN02/04 100m PE  add
SL100S35PE100 DN03/05 100m PE  add
SL100S40PE25 DN04/06 25m PE  add
SL113S40PE100 DN04/06 100m PE-BLUE  add
SL112S40PE100 DN04/06 100m PE-BLACK  add
SL116S40PE100 DN04/06 100m PE-YELLOW  add
SL100S40PE100 DN04/06 100m PE  add
SL115S40PE100 DN04/06 100m PE-GREEN  add
SL114S40PE100 DN04/06 100m PE-RED  add
SL100S42PE100 DN05/08 100m PE  add
SL100S43PE100 DN06/08 100m PE  add
SL114S43PE100 DN06/08 100m PE-RED  add
SL115S43PE100 DN06/08 100m PE-GREEN  add
SL113S43PE100 DN06/08 100m PE-BLUE  add
SL116S43PE100 DN06/08 100m PE-YELLOW  add
SL112S43PE100 DN06/08 100m PE-BLACK  add
SL112S44PE100 DN06/10 100m PE-BLACK  add
SL100S44PE100 DN06/10 100m PE  add
SL113S44PE100 DN06/10 100m PE-BLUE  add
SL112S45PE100 DN08/10 100m PE-BLACK  add
SL114S45PE100 DN08/10 100m PE-RED  add
SL100S45PE100 DN08/10 100m PE  add
SL113S45PE100 DN08/10 100m PE-BLUE  add
SL115S45PE100 DN08/10 100m PE-GREEN  add
SL116S45PE100 DN08/10 100m PE-YELLOW  add
SL100S46PE100 DN08/12 100m PE  add
SL112S46PE100 DN08/12 100m PE-BLACK  add
SL100S47PE100 DN09/12 100m PE  add
SL114S47PE100 DN09/12 100m PE-RED  add
SL113S47PE100 DN09/12 100m PE-BLUE  add
SL112S48PE100 DN10/12 100m PE-BLACK  add
SL100S48PE100 DN10/12 100m PE  add
SL114S48PE100 DN10/12 100m PE-RED  add
SL113S48PE100 DN10/12 100m PE-BLUE  add
SL112S48PE50 DN10/12 50m PE-BLACK  add
SL112S49PE100 DN10/14 100m PE-BLACK  add
SL112S49PE50 DN10/14 50m PE-BLACK  add
SL100S52PE100 DN12/16 100m PE  add
SL100S52PE50 DN12/16 50m PE  add
SL100S56PE50 DN16/20 50m PE  add
SL112S56PE50 DN16/20 50m PE-BLACK  add
SL100S56PE100 DN16/20 100m PE  add
SL100S67PE50 DN19/22 50m PE  add


EM-Technik GmbH
Industriestraße 2
67133 Maxdorf

Managing Director: Michael Meier
Commercial Register Court: Amtsgericht Ludwigshafen
Register Number: HRB 1267
VAT ID number: DE 149 138 348


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