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Weather- and radiation resistant tubes with balanced mechanical properties


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Weather- and radiation resistant tubes with balanced mechanical properties.

Tubes made of PVDF consist of a highly crystalline thermoplastic fluoropolymer with relatively balanced mechanical properties. They distinguish themselves by their good strength and dimensional stability and exhibit good chemical resistance. The tubes have virtually no water absorption and are very weather- and radiation resistant.


Technical Information

Physical Properties Unit Value
Temperature °C -40 to +150
Shore Hardness Shore D 77
Density g/cm³ 1,78

Pressure Resistance in Bar

ID/OD 20°C
DN 02/04 73
DN 04/06 36
DN 06/08 24
DN 08/10 18
DN 10/12 14

Suitable Connectors of emtechnik:

Article No. Nominal Diameter Packing Unit Material Notepad
SL100S20PV10 DN02/04 10m PVDF  add
SL100S20PV50 DN02/04 50m PVDF  add
SL100S40PV100 DN04/06 100m PVDF  add
SL100S40PV10 DN04/06 10m PVDF  add
SL100S40PV25 DN04/06 25m PVDF  add
SL100S40PV50 DN04/06 50m PVDF  add
SL100S43PV100 DN06/08 100m PVDF  add
SL100S43PV500 DN06/08 500m PVDF  add
SL100S43PV10 DN06/08 10m PVDF  add
SL100S43PV25 DN06/08 25m PVDF  add
SL100S43PV50 DN06/08 50m PVDF  add
SL100S45PV10 DN08/10 10m PVDF  add
SL100S45PV25 DN08/10 25m PVDF  add
SL100S45PV50 DN08/10 50m PVDF  add
SL100S48PV10 DN10/12 10m PVDF  add
SL100S48PV50 DN10/12 50m PVDF  add


EM-Technik GmbH
Industriestraße 2
67133 Maxdorf

Managing Director: Michael Meier
Commercial Register Court: Amtsgericht Ludwigshafen
Register Number: HRB 1267
VAT ID number: DE 149 138 348


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